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Pastry Chef Fumie Kumagai is originally from Hokkaido, Japan.  This is her story, in her own words (translated):

As a young teenager, my first job was at a small ice cream shop in my hometown of Otaru.  They made both the healthiest and the tastiest ice cream in the city.  Customers came from all around to savor their custom ice cream creations.  Through that formative experience I set my sights on traveling the world to sample its various cuisines in an effort to make my own custom, healthy, and delicious desserts that put a smile on peoples’ faces.

I started by attending school in Sydney Australia, where I learned about French patisserie, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, as I followed in the footsteps of my then-idol Julia Child.

Since then I have traveled to New York, England, and France in an effort to learn from conscientious experts, and technical masters, in the culinary arts.

Today, I have almost 20 years of experience as a pastry chef and I have made more than 10,000 cakes in my career.  My, how the time has flown!  Because of my education and experience, not to mention the fact that I want my customers' families to enjoy my food as much as my own family enjoys my food, I only desire to use the best ingredients.  After all, we truly “are what we eat”.  Therefore, I always try to strike the right note of sweetness, in every cake that I bake for you.


You can know that my Number #1 goal is adding “the cherry on top” of my customer's special day by making the cake of their choice!  And, I make all kinds of custom cakes.

It is my supreme honor to contribute to making your special day, extra special!